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Hamleys - Lower Parel

HiRise Dollhouse

HiRise Dollhouse

Hamleys - Lower Parel

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Suitable for all 112scale dolls, our newest play house invites pretendplay families to pull into the garage, ride in the elevator, and feel right at home in this modern home Fresh, genderneutral colors and patterns add a lively edge to the naturalwood frame, and open sides make it easy to access every room with ease so its easy to share the fun with brothers, sisters, and friends Comes with three play people and 15 pieces of furniture Also 5 Road Trip Car Posable Passengers Set, custom made to fit the groundfloor garage perfectly

Brand Name :Hamleys

Color :Multi-color

Size (LxBxH) :LXBXH-27.75 x 23.25 x 7.25

Product Wt. :24

Care Instructions :Pls follow product label/packaging

Warranty :15 Days Warranty

Age :4years

Powered or non powered :Non Powered