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Produce Candle - Rhubarb Produce Candle - Rhubarb

Produce Candle - Rhubarb


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Known for its sugary, tart bite, it is often found in desserts. In temperate climates, this is one of the first plants harvested during spring. A straight stalk, with deep red color fading into a green or white blush is a sign of quality. A fresh and uplifting scent. Burn Time: 80-100 hrs. Inspired from the enthusiasm of sights, sounds and smell of farmers markets and the fascination by the diversity of produce in the market place. Produce candle is the perfect pick. Sweet, earthy, spicy, crisp each element is seasonally represented in hand-made candles made with quality ingredients. These clean, fresh candles bring the best elements of the farm stand to your home.

Weight :250 gms

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